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Simple is better, so we don't offer complex payment schemes.

If you’ve researched your options for academic proofreading, you’ve most likely encountered companies offering complex fee structures with varying service levels, turnaround times and optional extras or additional services. At Eneo we believe in offering only the best possible proofreading service for every document we receive, and only vary the turnaround time to meet your needs.

Our short manuscript plans have a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 10,000 words with fast turnaround times. For documents larger than 10,000 words (up to 80,000 words) our guaranteed turnaround times are longer, and are affected more by word count (shorter manuscripts will be returned faster). Our platinum service for large manuscripts is the highest urgency of service and will provide a dedicated editor working as hard as possible exclusively on your manuscript, so the turnaround time depends only on word count.

Our plans also don’t provide substantive proofreading (major changes such as adding, moving or completely rewriting sections or sentences). Special arrangements can often be made, so if you have a larger document that needs to be proofread or would like to enquire about substantive editing please do not hesitate to contact us.


How does proofreading work?

In simple terms, proofreading is editing written English to correct mistakes. At Eneo, our editors make these corrections as tracked changes in a Word document for easy review, and add helpful comments throughout your manuscript.

It’s also very important to familiarize yourself with the three main types of editing so it’s clear what proofreading means and what Eneo can do for you.

The three types of editing:

  • Proofreading. Checking a final version of a document to correct errors in spelling or grammar as well as minor structural changes such as changing word order or deleting redundant clauses.
  • Copyediting. Can include proofreading, but also involves more conceptual changes to ensure consistency, accuracy and completeness.
  • Substantive editing. Can also be called structural editing. Involves major changes to a document including entirely rewriting, moving or adding sentences or sections to improve the logical flow, clarity and presentation of the document.

Please note that Eneo does not currently offer copyediting or substantive editing, unless by special arrangement. If you suspect your document requires more advanced correction, please contact us and we’ll arrange a special quote.

Please also note that we will never knowingly violate academic dishonesty policies at any university, and for thesis proofreading we strictly adhere to the Guidelines for editing research theses as set out by the Institude of Professional Editors and endorsed by the Australian Council of Graduate Research.

Satisfaction guaranteed

For all of our plans.

After you receive your fully corrected and annotated document, we offer an entire month (30 calendar days) for you to thoroughly check your document and if you’re not entirely satisfied with our changes we’ll re-edit your document an unlimited number of times until it’s perfect. Visit our guarantee page to read more.

Client testimonials

“I am very satisfied with this proofreading service, which was able to accurately communicate the finer nuances I wanted to convey as well as point out appropriate vocabulary. Also, it was very helpful to have several options when correcting vocabulary.”
Dr. Kohei Onishi
“A testimonial from a client who benefited from your product or service. Testimonials can be a highly effective way of establishing credibility and increasing your company's reputation.”
Client name
“I am extremely happy with your work. I will highly recommend you to my colleagues who will be submitting their thesis soon.”

Thanuja Gawasingha Arachcige
University of Queensland

In a few circumstances, we won’t be able to accept a proofreading job and retain the right to reject an order. We try to work these situations out wherever possible by contacting you; in the rare case we can’t proofread a document, payment will be refunded in full.

We might not be able to proofread a document if:

  • A document appears to have been translated into English by automatic software, such as Google Translate. Automatic translation is generally insufficient for complex texts as too much meaning is lost for these documents to be correctable.
  • Substantive editing is necessary. Substantive editing entails adding, rewriting or moving whole sentences or paragraphs. While our proofreading service will correct mistakes to achieve perfect English, full rewrites are out of our scope.
  • A document contains offensive, harmful, inflammatory or illegal content.

For more information, please check our terms and conditions.

How can proofreading help?

We appreciate the importance of every thesis, and the incredible amount of work that goes into preparing the manuscript itself. Our editors specialize in editing large manuscripts and are experts at proofreading Doctoral, Master’s and Honours theses.

Proofreading orders for a large manuscript, such as a PhD thesis, cannot be ordered directly on our website due to the word limit we apply to ensure orders are fulfilled within the selected turnaround time.

We are pleased to offer specialized orders for large manuscripts by negotiation. For more information or a cost estimate please send us an email with the word count, academic field and information regarding any deadlines for submission.

Our academic proofreading is perfect for scientists looking to publish in high impact-factor journals, whose first language isn’t English. Our elite proofreading staff will return a corrected version of your article with perfect, native English. This service is great for scientists who want to improve their acceptance rate without spending hours searching their manuscript for errors.

Don’t waste your time re-reading your manuscript over and over again, use that time for research and leave the English to us.

Learning English as a second language is no easy feat, and even native English speakers frequently struggle with academic English. So no matter what your English level may be, Eneo can increase the chance of your paper being accepted, with minimal effort and cost.

It’s also a useful service for busy supervisors, whose time is always in high demand. Submit your students’ manuscripts to us, and reclaim those hours while we check them. We guarantee perfection, and we offer it at the perfect price.

Many universities based in English speaking countries require admission essays for international students.

If you’re applying to a major university in an English speaking country, it’s absolutely essential that the English in your admission essay is perfect. Because coursework and assessment is generally undertaken in English, it’s one of the first and most important factors evaluated by university entrance panels.

Don’t risk rejection from your preferred university, let Eneo proofread your essay and ensure your English is perfect. It’s cheap, fast and easy.

We proofread admission essays, admission letters, personal statements and general admission documents.

Please note that our usual terms and conditions apply, and read through what we can’t offer above to make sure your document is eligible.

Our simple pricing scheme

With excellent plans to suit any project, guaranteed

We offer three plans with increasing urgency.

Each plan has one turnaround time for short documents less than 10,000 words (such as an essay or journal article), and another turnaround time for large manuscripts up to 80,000 words (such as a doctoral thesis).

Important note: Priority is determined by plan. If you order Premium proofreading for an 11,000-word manuscript, it will be edited before Standard level orders and returned within a few days, despite the guaranteed turnaround of 25 days. This is only to allow for very large manuscripts.


500-10,000 Words: Within 7 Days
10,000-80,000 Words: Within 40 Days

$0.06 AUD/Word

If you do not need to submit your manuscript urgently, this plan is the best choice. Our Standard service includes Eneo’s satisfaction guarantee, with unlimited resubmissions and re-edits. Documents less than 10,000 words will be returned within 7 days, weekends inclusive. Documents over 10,000 words and up to 80,000 words will be returned an absolute maximum of 40 days from payment. Actual return time is usually sooner.


500-10,000 Words: Within 72 Hours
10,000-80,000 Words: Within 25 Days

$0.07 AUD/Word

This plan is best for most large manuscripts with normal urgency. With a comparable cost to our Standard service, documents will be thoroughly corrected by our expert academics and returned within three days if less than 10,000 words. Documents over 10,000 words and up to 80,000 words will be returned within twenty five calendar days. Actual return time is usually much sooner, and only takes this long for very large documents.


500-10,000 Words: Within 24 Hours
10,000-80,000 Words: As Soon As Possible!

$0.10 AUD/Word

This plan is the fastest way of having your manuscript thoroughly edited. Your manuscript is attended to at the highest priority by a dedicated editor, working as hard as possible until it is finished. Turnaround time is therefore purely dependent on word count. Documents less than 10,000 words will be returned within 24 hours. For documents between 10,000 and 80,000 words allow roughly 24-72 hours for each 10,000 words.