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Thesis proofreading is our specialty. Eneo can ensure your English is perfect before you submit, and you’ll see that our prices are perfect too.

Your thesis, perfected.

We specialise in editing graduate theses, so Eneo is the best choice for proofreading if you are preparing a PhD thesis, Masters thesis or Honours thesis in English. We excel at correcting academic English in every field, and we guarantee satisfaction at a low cost. Allow Eneo to proofread your manuscript and ensure your English is fluent and natural—it’s easy to have your thesis corrected by professional editors.

Proofreading can help correct your writing so that it reads like it was written by a native speaker. This impression is crucial for the quick acceptance of a thesis, and can also ensure a journal article is accepted for publication, improve assignment grades, help you to be accepted at the university of your choice or increase trust in your business. Fluent, native-level English is key to success and the importance of proofreading shouldn’t be underestimated.

However, finding the right editing company to trust with your writing can be difficult, especially with extremely valuable work such as a thesis. Continue reading to find out why Eneo is an excellent choice, or click here to see an instant price estimate on our secure ordering platform, with no sign-up required.

Researcher reviews

“I am very satisfied with this proofreading service, which was able to accurately communicate the finer nuances I wanted to convey as well as point out appropriate vocabulary. Also, it was very helpful to have several options when correcting vocabulary.”
Dr. Kohei Onishi
“I am extremely happy with your work. I will highly recommend you to my colleagues who will be submitting their thesis soon.”

Thanuja Gawasingha Arachcige
University of Queensland
“I got my honours thesis proofread and got it back in 42 hours. I got great grammar advice as well as advice about formatting, where I should elaborate and where references were required. You could definitely tell they cared about making your writing the best it could be ❤️”
Charlotte Wala
University of Queensland


Our simple pricing scheme

With excellent plans to suit any project, guaranteed

We offer three plans with increasing urgency.


500-10,000 Words: Within 7 Days
10,000-80,000 Words: Within 40 Days

$0.06 AUD/Word

The best choice for most manuscripts. Includes Eneo’s satisfaction guarantee, with unlimited resubmissions and re-edits. Documents less than 10,000 words will be returned within 7 days, weekends inclusive. Documents over 10,000 words and up to 80,000 words will be returned an absolute maximum of 40 days from payment.


500-10,000 Words: Within 72 Hours
10,000-80,000 Words: Within 25 Days

$0.07 AUD/Word

This plan is best for most larger manuscripts. With a comparable cost to our Standard service, documents will be thoroughly corrected by our expert academics and returned within 3 days if less than 10,000 words. Documents over 10,000 words and up to 80,000 words will be returned within 25 calendar days.


500-10,000 Words: Within 24 Hours
10,000-80,000 Words: As Soon As Possible!

$0.10 AUD/Word

The fastest way of having your manuscript corrected. It will be attended to full-time by a dedicated editor until it is finished. Turnaround time is therefore purely dependent on word count. Documents less than 10,000 words will be returned within 24 hours. For documents between 10,000 and 80,000 words, allow roughly 24-72 hours for each 10,000 words.
Please note:

  • Each plan has two turnaround times.
    One is for short documents less than 10,000 words (such as an essay or journal article), and another turnaround time for large manuscripts up to 80,000 words (such as a doctoral thesis).
  • Turnaround times are a maximum, not an estimate.
    A ‘Standard’ order to correct a 30,000 word manuscript will most likely be returned within two weeks; 40 days is the absolute maximum turnaround time.
  • Priority is determined by plan.
    If you order Premium proofreading manuscript, your manuscript will be edited before other Standard level orders. If a client places a Platinum level order, it will take priority.

How Eneo works

Library Proofreading Editing

Quality and Security Guaranteed

Eneo’s quality guarantee ensures that your writing will be edited until it reaches native level perfection. Unlimited rewrites are free for all plans, so your document can be resubmitted for free until you are satisfied. See our Satisfaction Guarantee page for conditions and more information. Your work and intellectual property is also protected by non-disclosure agreements with every editor and the latest in digital threat protection.

Our website and data storage is verified and secured with the latest and best available 256-bit encryption. Our payment partner, Stripe, is world renowned for their security and trusted by companies such as Google, Amazon and Zoom.

With Eneo, you can rest assured that your work is in good hands. We guarantee it.

University Approved Perfect English

Eneo closely adheres to university guidelines and Australian standards for academic honesty and ethics.

Our editors strictly follow the Australian standards for editing practice and the Guidelines for editing research theses as ascribed by the Institute of Professional Editors and endorsed by the Australian Council of Graduate Research.

So, you can rest assured that your work will be improved to perfection without violating any university policy.

And because we offer an unlimited number of free rewrites if you’re not satisfied with our changes to your work, the outcome of your order will be perfect English, every time.

Our process

Our easy, three step process saves valuable time and money

Quote & Upload

Login or register an account, select a plan and enter a word count to get a quick and easy instant quote of the editing fee. If you're happy with our prices, upload your document to proceed to secure payment.

Assignment & Proofreading

Once payment is processed, your document will be assigned to one of our elite proofreaders for complete correction and annotation. Our native English speaking editors are carefully selected published academics of only the highest calibre.

Document Return

Before your selected timeframe has elapsed, your document will be emailed to you fully corrected into perfect, fluent English. Don't forget — if you aren't satisfied, your document will be rechecked until you are!

Meet our editors

Our elite editing staff are carefully selected published academics and masters of the English language.

An experienced proofreader specializing in developmental neuroscience, founder and chief editor at Eneo.

Gabriel Rhys Hand BSc, MSc

Clinical doctor working as a rural GP, with a passion for research.

Jack Peter Somerville MBChB (Hons)

Published researcher in health science, specialising in cognitive function, dementia and nutrition.

Alexandra Wade
BPsychSc (Hons), PhD

An academic librarian and published fiction writer, David Cohen has edited scholarly and other publications.

David Phillip Cohen BA

A published academic specializing in peripheral neurosciences, with an interest for editing manuscripts.

Stewart Ramsay
BSc (Hons), PhD

Published art historian and language enthusiast. Expert editor of manuscripts in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Philippa Jahn
BA (Hons)

These are just a few of the academics waiting to help perfect your English manuscript.

Learn more about our elite editing staff.