Eneo's leading editing staff

All of Eneo’s highly skilled proofreaders are native-level English speaking published academics from a variety of fields. We recognise that our editors determine the quality of our proofreading, and to provide the best level of service we must ensure they are only of the highest possible calibre. Our strict quality control program ensures Eneo hires only eminent scholars expert in writing, correcting and annotating academic English.

Academics collaborating with academics

Our editors are all published researchers, just like you. These publications are all thoroughly checked by our senior editing staff prior to appointment.

You may have noticed that our order page requests the academic field of the document you are submitting—this is to ensure your work is matched with an English speaking editor with a background in a similar discipline.

Lastly, all of our staff are required to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement with significant legal penalties to ensure iron-clad legal protection for your valuable intellectual property.

Meet our editors

Our elite editing staff are carefully selected published academics and masters of the English language.

An experienced proofreader specializing in developmental neuroscience, founder and chief editor at Eneo.

Gabriel Rhys Hand BSc, MSc

Clinical doctor working as a rural GP, with a passion for research.

Jack Peter Somerville MBChB (Hons)

Published researcher in health science, specialising in cognitive function, dementia and nutrition.

Alexandra Wade
BPsychSc (Hons), PhD

An academic librarian and published fiction writer, David Cohen has edited scholarly and other publications.

David Phillip Cohen BA

A published academic specializing in peripheral neurosciences, with an interest for editing manuscripts.

Stewart Ramsay
BSc (Hons), PhD

Published art historian and language enthusiast. Expert editor of manuscripts in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Philippa Jahn
BA (Hons)

These are just a few of the academics waiting to help perfect your English manuscript.

The best editor for your manuscript

Perfect English, Guaranteed

As all of our editors are of the highest possible standard, it’s rare for edited documents to be returned in any condition except perfection. However, Eneo’s satisfaction guarantee also ensures that you are always completely satisfied with the editing and annotation provided for your document.

This means that you can re-submit your document for additional editing an unlimited number of times, provided it’s requested within 30 days of your edited document being returned to you.

In the rare case that you do need to request your document be edited again, it’s your discretion as to whether it’s returned to the same editor or reassigned to a new editor.

Would you like to join Eneo's elite editing team?

Are you are a native level English speaking academic whose work has been published in a recognized journal, with a flair for academic English? Head over to our careers page to learn more about joining our team. Please note that we do no overstate our quality requirements for our editors—you must be the best of the best.