“No passion in the world is equal to the passion to alter someone else’s draft.” 

H. G. Wells

Eneo Proofreading

Thesis proofreading is our specialty. We are proud to support academics whose first language is not English, and our expert editors are the ideal choice to proofread a doctoral thesis, a master’s thesis or an honours thesis. Unlike many other proofreading companies, we understand the extraordinary amount of hard work and personal dedication that finally culminates with thesis writing.

That’s why at Eneo, we prioritise quality over everything else. Founded in Australia, our goal is to provide perfect English at the perfect price to our clients around the world. All of our editors are published native-level English speaking academics, most hold doctorate degrees and some are still completing doctorate programs. Utilizing only the most rigorously tested doctoral students allows us to provide highly competetive rates while strictly monitoring the quality of each manuscript we edit.

Our editors come from a diverse international background, with particular commonalities that ensure they are of the highest possible calibre. They are all native-level English speakers, and crucially, all have been published in prestigious academic journals and their writing evaluated for accuracy and style. For more information on our editing staff, please visit our editors page.

Try Eneo today. All editing is covered by our satisfaction guarantee, and you’ll be surprised at the competetive cost.


Our values

Eneo is proud to adhere to values beneficial to our clients and to the world at large:

Perfect English; Perfect Price

The two core principles of Eneo. When it comes to proofreading, our standard for English is no less than perfection. But perfection doesn't mean inflated prices. Compare us to our competitors and you'll find our fees to be perfect too.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Once you receive your fully edited and annotated document, our satisfaction guarantee gives a lengthy 30 days to allow time for review and submission for publication. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, Eneo offers unlimited re-edits in this timeframe, free of charge.

Environmental Accountability

At Eneo, we are serious about the environmental future we all share. We aim to go beyond carbon neutrality by promising to do more than our 'fair share', and ensuring the efficacy of all environmental programs we support.

Our process

Our easy three step process will have your corrected document back to you quickly and effortlessly.

Quote & Upload

Select a plan and enter a word count to get a quick and easy instant quote of the editing fee. Simply login or register an account, and upload your document to proceed.

Assignment & Proofreading

Once payment is processed, your document will be assigned to one of our elite proofreaders for complete correction and annotation. Our native English speaking editors are carefully selected published academics of only the highest calibre.

Document Return

Before your selected timeframe has elapsed, your document will be emailed to you fully corrected into perfect, fluent English. Don't forget — if you aren't satisfied, your document will be rechecked until you are!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures a perfect outcome to every order, giving peace of mind to our clients. Featuring unlimited resubmissions for free, visit our guarantee page to read more.